bellakeepsake beginning

Feb 15th 2014

Upon starting our small business Bellakeepsake Inc., 10 years ago ,our goal was to offer the public engraved one of a kind , personalized gifts for all occasions.

Step by step we assist customers to customize glassware, frames, ornaments, tee shirts or awards with a special phrase or excerpt , These gifts became more than just a gift - because it's unique , it's from the heart.
Many years ago a mother of the bride asked us to engrave a hummingbird graphic onto the bride's champagne flute , for her daughter's upcoming wedding. This simple gesture was a surprise for the bride, to honor her Grandmother who sadly passed away weeks before the wedding.
It was at that moment Jim and I felt a true connection with our business goal , and why we enjoy doing this. Working with you , we create gifts to be cherished.

Check out our products and what we offer. Looking forward to helping you create a wonderful keepsake.
Jim and Beth Reinhard